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The Future of Body Transformation
  • Lose Inches & Contour Your Body
  • Non-Surgical Face & Neck Lifts
  • Immediate Results, No Downtime
  • Doctor Supervised, FDA Cleared

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We're Dedicated to Your Results
  • No Downtime, No Pain, No Surgery
  • Aesthetics for Men & Women
  • Non-Invasive Red Light Therapy

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What Our Clients Say


After months in the gym trying to get rid of these love handles, I decided to give Esthique a try. Expectations EXCEEDED!

"It's incredible to be able to see immediate results after only one session"

What is UltraSlim®?

UltraSlim® Technology is the only device with clearance approved by FDA for dramatic immediate fat reduction without dieting, exercise, drugs, or surgery.

Using only the photonic energy of light, Ward Photonics creates the most powerful, innovative treatments for obesity, aesthetics, and dermatology.

Customize Your Treatments

Interested in learning more about how Esthique UltraSlim® can be customized to help you meet your personal goals? View our Real Results page to see the customized treatment plan that got them there.

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